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Small Animal Services

Our Facilities

Mudgee Vet Hospital believe in working and communicating as a unified team. Our aim is to understand our clients and patients' needs while providing the highest level of care and respect.


Purpose-built clinic

Our hospital contains all the things you’d expect in a modern day veterinary practice. This means we have many elaborate pieces of equipment. Our hospital is equipped to perform most types of surgery with modern anaesthetic machines, cardiac and respiratory monitors and critical care monitors. Our surgery can handle any sized pet (cat or dog), and our anaesthetics are very similar to an operating theatre in a human hospital.

The practice is equipped with modern medical equipment such as an in-house pathology system, the latest x-ray equipment, endoscopes, ultrasound and advanced anaesthetics to ensure the best care for your pet.

Since 1981, Mudgee Veterinary Practice has been the backbone of quality veterinary care in Mudgee. The partners Steve Slack-Smith, Paige Loneragan, Kate Elder and Jack Holman have continued building the hospital into a vibrant, friendly practice that is focused on offering the best service for our clients and our patients.

The current Mudgee Veterinary Hospital is a purpose-built, world-class facility which was constructed in 2013. The Mudgee Veterinary Hospital operates out of three locations: Mudgee, Rylstone and Gulgong.

Our Equipment


Mudgee Vet Hospital offers a complete range of modern imaging equipment and capability.


Mudgee Veterinary Hospital has both fixed and portable x-ray machines for small animal in the clinic, and large animal on-farm. Our digital X-Ray machine. allow for rapid and accurate diagnosis of orthopaedic and soft tissue related issues.


Mudgee Vet Hospital has two brand new state-of-the-art ultrasound machines; an in-clinic dedicated small animal machine, and a portable machine for reproductive work and tendon scans.  


These are another great non-invasive tool to assist in diagnosing any problem that your pet may have. As with the digital x-rays, these images can be saved, stored and emailed as required.


We have a range of fibre-optic endoscopes that we use predominantly for equine respiratory issues, as well as for specific procedures in small animals.


They are small cameras that allow us to look inside your pet without invasive surgery. These are the same endoscopes that are used in human medicine for internal examinations.

Pathology & Laboratory

Mudgee Vet Hospital has a complete range of in-house pathology equipment.


Mudgee Vet Hospital has a complete range of in-house IDEXX pathology equipment, including IDEXX Procyte, IDEXX Catalyst, IDEXX VetLab Station, IDEXX SediVue, IDEX SNAP PRO.

These machines allow us to perform:

  • Complete blood count (red and white blood cells)

  • Clotting times

  • Biochemistry (organ/endocrine function)

  • Urinalysis (analysis of Urine)

  • Snap Test (feline aids and feline leukaemia virus)



Our in-house microscopes allow us to assess cytology (tissue and fluid analysis), in a timely manner.

For further investigation of bloods and tissue samples, Mudgee Vet Hospital can send samples to IDEXX or Vetnostics for analysis. Referral results are typically received within 3 days.

Surgical Facilities

Mudgee Vet Hospital offers the latest techniques and services in Orthopaedic surgeries.


Mudgee Vet Hospital has a dedicated surgical room and state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to perform our soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries. 

We perform most types of soft tissue surgeries as well as a range of orthopaedic surgeries including:

  • Fracture repairs

  • Arthrodesis (joint fusion)

  • Cruciate surgeries (knee surgeries)

    • Deangelas method​

    • Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TBLO)

Our state-of-the-art equipment enables Mudgee Vet Hospital to perform TBLO surgeries on small animals. We are the only practice that offers this type of surgery in the Central West region.

Large Animal Facilities

Mudgee Vet Hospital offers clinic based large animal consultations utilising our large animal facilities.


Mudgee Vet Hospital has a dedicated, fenced-off large animal facility at the clinic which includes an outdoor yard, a stable and a brand new, undercover mare and foal crush.


These facilities allow us to perform equine reproductive work, equine dentistry and diagnostic imaging. Large animal clinic-based examinations are performed at a reduced consultation fee, and are more economical as there are no veterinary travel fees.

Dental Surgery 

Mudgee Vet Hospital has state-of-the-art dental equipment for large and small animal dental procedures.


Mudgee Vet Hospital has state-of-the-art dental equipment including an IM3 Pro 2000 Dental workstation with ultrasonic scale, as well as a complete range of surgical tools.


We perform dental procedures on dogs and cats:

  • Removal of tartar with an ultrasonic scaler

  • Tooth polishing

  • Tooth extractions

  • Oral soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries



Mudgee Vet Hospital has state-of-the-art portable Powerfloat Dental equipment and hand tools to perform dental procedures at the clinic or on farm. 

Our equipment enables us to:

  • Float dental arcades

  • Radiograph dental arcades (diagnostics)

  • Correct hook and ramps

  • Tooth Extraction

  • Identify periodontal disease and other related issues

  • Bit seating

Our Locations


104 Market Street,

Mudgee NSW 2850


43 Louee Street,

Rylstone NSW 2849


88 Mayne Street,

Gulgong NSW 2852

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