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Cattle & Small Ruminant Services

Mudgee Vet Hospital offers a complete range of large animal services.

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Preventative Health

Mudgee Vet Hospital offers a complete range of Bovine and small ruminant preventative health advice.


Mudgee Vet Hospital offers on-farm visits to discuss routine preventative herd health in order to maximise productivity and minimise disease in livestock herds.


Preventative Health in Cattle:

  • Clostridial disease prevention

  • Pestivirus testing and prevention

  • Virbriosis prevention

  • Routine worming 

  • Pink eye vaccinations and treatment 

Preventative Health in Sheep, goats and Alpacas:

  • Clostridial disease prevention

  • Routine worming and faecal egg counts

  • Ovine brucellosis accreditation testing

  • Ovine Johne's Testing

We also offer disease investigation for abortion storms or sudden death in herds, to advise on preventative measures.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Our accredited vets at Mudgee Vet Hospital can offer Tail-Tag accredited pregnancy diagnosis in cattle herds.


Mudgee Vet Hospital offers on-farm manual pregnancy diagnosis to determine the status and gestational age of foetus's in cattle herds. Our vets can accurately diagnose pregnancy status from six weeks of gestation.


Dr. Jack Holman and Dr. Steve Slack-Smith are accredited with the PREGCHECK (NCPD) Scheme for pregnancy diagnosis of cattle for online sales and sale yards.


Mudgee Vet Hospital offers ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis of cattle from six weeks of gestation. Our vets can accurately diagnose gestational age between six weeks and four months, after which they give an estimate of gestational age. 

Any non-detectable pregnancies via ultrasound are also manually preg-tested to confirm status.

Bull Semen Testing

Mudgee Vet Hospital offers reproductive assessments and semen analysis in bulls.


Mudgee Vet Hospital offers Bull reproductive examinations to assess conformation, scrotal circumference, palpate accessory sex organs and assess the penis and prepuse.


Our vets also use an electro -ejaculator to examine the bulls penile shaft and collect a semen sample for microscopic assessment.

Assessment of semen gives an indication of concentration and motility. We can also send semen off for external laboratory testing for accurate evaluation of morphology.

Surgery & Anaesthesia

Mudgee Vet Hospital offers a wide range of on-property bovine and small ruminant surgery.


Mudgee Vet Hospital offers a range of surgeries in the field, including:

  • Emergency Stitch-Ups

  • Eye Enucleation

  • Wound Debriding

  • Lump/Tumour Removals

  • Abscess and Haematoma surgery

  • Hoof Surgery

  • De-horning surgery

  • Umbilical Hernia Repair in calves

  • Caesarians

  • Uterine/vaginal/rectal prolapse

  • Castrations (including failed ring castration repair)

  • Euthanasia

Depending on the procedure, our veterinarians can either perform surgeries under standing sedation or general anaesthetic.

Lameness Issues

Mudgee Vet Hospital has a range of diagnostic tools and experience to investigate lameness issues.


Lameness issues can result in large production losses in livestock herds as well as cause significant pain and discomfort for animals.

Mudgee Vet Hospital offers lameness analysis and treatment in cattle and small ruminants. Common issues include:

  • Hoof abscesses

  • Interdigital dermatitis (scald)

  • Joint ill in Calves and Lambs

  • Ruptured stifles and dislocated hips from bulling injuries

  • Trauma and arthritis

Lameness examinations can be performed on-farm. We also offer hoof trimming of cattle in the crush or under general anaesthetic.


Mudgee Vet Hospital offers an on-farm service for all calving, lambing, kidding and Criation related difficulties.

Our vets at Mudgee Vet Hospital have extensive experience in solving difficult calvings, including pulling calves, foetotomies, and caesarians.

When cows shows signs of calving difficulty, the earlier the veterinary intervention the better the prognosis and outcome for the cow and calf.


Our vets also have extensive experience in difficult lambings, kiddings and alpaca criations. Caesarians can be performed in the field if lambs, kids and crias are unable to be pulled.

Post calving and lambing issues such as retained foetal membranes, mastitis, uterine prolapse, milk fever and metritis can occur in any animal. Our vets can offer expert advice and treatment for any of these ailments.

Sick Animals

Mudgee Vet Hospital can diagnose and treat all sick animal related issues.


Mudgee Veterinary Hospital offers an on-farm or clinic-based service for any sick livestock. This includes analysis of the animals history, a thorough physical examination, further diagnostics if needed, and a treatment plan.

Common issues include:

  • Woody tongue/Lumpy jaw

  • Pneumonia

  • Joint ill

  • Abscesses and infections

  • Umbilical Infections

  • Diarrhoea

  • Excessive worm burdens

  • Metabolic Issues (Grass Tetany, milk fever)

  • Deficiencies (thiamine)

  • Pink eye infections

  • Retained foetal membranes

  • And more.

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Pathology & Laboratory

Mudgee Vet Hospital can perform in-house pathology as well as laboratory analysis and referrals.


Mudgee Vet Hospital has a complete range of in-house IDEXX pathology equipment, including the capability to measure red and white blood count, clotting time, biochemistry (organ function), endocrine function and urine analysis. 


Our in-house microscopes allow us to assess cytology (tissue and fluid analysis), in a timely manner.


For further investigation of bloods and tissue samples, Mudgee Vet Hospital can send samples to IDEXX or Vetnostics for analysis. Referral results are typically received within 3 days.

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Mudgee Vet Hospital offers a complete range of prescription and over the counter medications.


In order to provide high quality service, Mudgee Vet Hospital keeps many quality prescription medications on hand so that treatment can begin without delay. All prescription medications require a consultation before they can be dispensed.

Regular checkups are required for all prescription medications. A farm visit is required by a vet within the previous 12 months to allow for dispensing of any prescription medications.

Many non-prescription medications are also available at Mudgee Vet Hospital. These can be purchased over the counter for worming, bandaging, wound cleaning, vaccinations and more.


As always, you have the benefit of our trained staff to advise you on the selection and use of these products, so please do not hesitate to ask.



Mudgee Vet Hospital offers a 24 hour service for all livestock emergencies.


Mudgee Vet Hospital is equipped to treat and care for emergency cases during normal practice hours and outside of normal hours via our on-call service.

If any of your livestock are experiencing an emergency, please get in contact with Mudgee Vet Hospital as soon as possible. If this occurs outside of normal opening hours, call the practice to obtain the after hours contact number for our on-call veterinarian.

After hours emergency consults incur a surcharge as this requires a veterinarian to attend the clinic or your property outside of our normal open hours.


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