Small Animal Services

Vaccinations + Health Check

It is vitally important for your pet’s health that they have regular checkups. This is normally done at the time of their annual vaccination  booster. At this check the vet will examine your pet’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth, for any problems. The vet will also listen to the heart, and lungs. The abdomen will also be palpated checking for normal size and location of liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder, intestines and prostate. The lymph glands and skin are also checked for any concerns. Finally the musculature system is checked for any concerns with the joints, muscles or bones.

This allows concerns to be picked up and treated early. The annual check is a good opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s health. The veterinarian can also let you know measures to help prevent your pet developing health problems.


All surgeries need an initial appointment to ensure your pet is in good health for us to perform surgery.

We perform anything from abscesses, soft tissue surgery, abdominal, chest, reproductive and orthopaedic surgery.

Anesthesia is undertaken using the latest veterinary equipment and protocols. Pain control being an integral component before during and after a procedure.

X-Rays : Ultrasounds : Endoscopy


Mudgee Veterinary Hospitals digital X-Ray machine allows for rapid and accurate diagnosis.


We have 2 portable ultrasound machines. These are another great non invasive tool to assist in diagnosing any problem that your pet may have.

As with the digital x-rays these images can be saved stored and emailed as required.


We also have a range of endoscopes that we use. They are small cameras that allow us to look inside your pet without invasive surgery. These are the same endoscopes that are used in human medicine for internal examinations.

Dental Care

Our pet dogs and cats can have teeth problems as well. At Mudgee Veterinary Hospital we can treat most of these problems.


Bad breath, dribbling, pain when eating or reluctance to eat, swollen areas around the teeth are all signs there is a problem.


Most procedures will require a general anesthetic. Simple procedures such as a teeth clean include removal of tartar with our ultrasonic scale and a high speed polish. More involved procedures include extractions. Our high speed equipment allow easier and less traumatic teeth removal.


The old saying "Prevention is better than cure", this certainly apply to dental care.

Dogs and cats that work their teeth on bones and harder biscuits generally have better teeth than pets on wet canned food. If your pet can have a meal with a bone this will assist in keeping cleaner and healthier teeth.


In order to provide high quality service, the Mudgee Veterinary Hospital keeps many quality prescription medications on hand so that treatment can be begun without delay. All prescription medications require a consultation before they can be dispensed.

Regular check ups are required for all prescription medications.

Many non prescription medications are also available at Mudgee Veterinary Hospital. These can be purchased over the counter for worming, flea and tick control, minor skin conditions and many others.


As always you have the benefit of our trained staff to advise you on the selection and use of these products, so please do not hesitate to ask.

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool runs for 4 weeks in length at a cost of $89 for the 4 weeks.

Your New Puppy


  • We recommend 3 initial vaccinations, 4 weeks apart. You will normally vaccinate at 6 / 10 / 14 weeks of age.

  • You will then need a yearly vaccinations starting one year after last puppy vaccination.



  • From 2 weeks to 12 weeks of age, worm every 2 weeks.

  • From 12 weeks to 6 months, worm every month.

  • After 6 months of age, worm as an adult - every 3 months.



Heartworm prevention should be started before 6 months of age. There are many options from yearly injections, spot-ons and tablets.



We recommend treating for fleas and ticks monthly. We stock all reputable brands here at the Hospital.


We do believe in de-sexing all pets where there are no plans for breeding. We recommend when they are 5 - 6 months of age.

Premium Pet Food

At Mudgee Vet Hospital we sell:

  • Advance Range

  • Hills Science

  • Hills Prescription Diets

  • Ivory Coat Grain Free

Any other Premium Pet Food you would like to try please check with our friendly receptionists


We generally like your pet fasted the morning of your appointment.

This is to enable us to give your pet a mild sedation (if required), whilst grooming, this is done so animals can be calm.

We then clip hair to your instructions, where possible we will clip to specific instructions and even to specific breeds.

With every clip we include:

  • Coat Clip

  • Nails Clipped

  • Plucking and Cleaning of Ears

  • Express Anal Glands

  • Bath

  • Shampoo / Conditioner

  • Blowdry / Brush

Sometimes after clipping your pet may display a variety of signs, such as:

  • Itchiness

  • Bottom scooting (post anal gland expression)

  • Rubbing of ears

  • Occasional red skin from (clipper grazing) 

These are all common symptoms of post-groomed animals, due to short hair etc, and will settle down within a day or two. Should you have any concerns or symptoms persist, please do not hesitate to contact us.