Large Animal Services

Large Animal Health Care and Veterinary Services at Mudgee Veterinary Hospital

When it comes to large animals Mudgee Vet Hospital offers a service in which one of our experienced Large Animal vets can visit your property to examine your large animals

Alternatively you can bring  your horses and smaller sheep and cattle into us. We charge less for this service, there are no travel fees and we can attend to your animal in a more timely manner.


Please call 6372 2105 for a booking and availability.

Surgery + Anaesthesia

We can perform a wide range of surgery for you animals, anything from abscesses, soft tissue surgery, cesareans and geldings. Anesthesia is undertaken using the latest technology and always with pain control being an integral component before during and after a procedure.

Radiology : Ultrasound : Endoscopy

We have an excellent radiographic suite.

We have two x-ray generators and a top of the line digital X-ray processor. We also perform contrast studies.

We have 2 portable ultrasound machines allowing us to have a machine when you need it.  We also have several endoscopes which allow us to view your animals, without surgery.  

Equine Dentistry Care

For appropriate dental care, a careful examination of the mouth under sedation is required. We use a light source and dental mirror as well as feeling the teeth.


Once we have performed this examination we can recommend the best treatment for your horse.


We can use power tools such as our power float or manual hand rasps.


Generally we advise using a certified and quality controlled independent pathology laboratory, but we also utilise in house diagnostics as needed.


Mudgee Veterinary Hospital keep many quality prescription medications on hand so that treatment can begin without delay.

Parasite Control

We have a range of worming and external parasite controls that we recommend for large animals.

Vaccination for Horses


  • Initial Vaccination: Two vaccinations 4 weeks apart from 3 months of age

  • First Booster: A third vaccination one year later.

  • Boosters: Every 5 Years. If you are unsure when last vaccination was you can go earlier

  • You can start vaccinations from 3 months of age.

Vaccination for Cattle

5 in 1 +  7 in 1 Vaccinations

  • Initial Vaccination: Two doses 4 to 6 weeks apart

  • Boosters: Yearly boosters ideally for cows in last month of pregnancy

  • In very good pasture pulpy kidney vaccinations may need to giver every 3 month

Pestivirus Vaccine 

  • Initial Vaccination: Two doses 4 to 5 weeks apart, second dose 6 – 8 weeks before mating

  • Boosters: Yearly boosters, 6 – 8 weeks before mating