Surgery and Anaesthesia

Surgery and Anaesthesia

Surgeries are booked for every day of the week at Mudgee Veterinary Hospital

For routine de-sexing please call 6372 2105 for a surgery position. For all other surgeries an initial appointment will be necessary before surgery. We perform anything from abscesses, soft tissue surgery, abdominal, chest, reproductive and orthopaedic surgery.

Anaesthesia is undertaken using the latest veterinary equipment and protocols. Pain control being an integral component before during and after a procedure.

Lastest News

Hore Eye Ulcer

Here are some pictures of a Hores with a nasty eye ulcer. Caused initially by trauma inbecame infected with bacteria. Later the ulcer became infected with a fungal disease.

There is flushing catheter in place to allow frequent flushing treatment of treatment solutions to the eye